Plastic Alchemy's Totem

first released November 1, 2021

The question that Josh of Plastic Alchemy posed was “how do we take a high number of 3D model variations, and automatically create a printable asset from them?”

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Hyperrational's Missive

first released June 29, 2021

Missive is a tool to enable 3D model creators to distribute their creations to their customers. The best model of how the service works is to think of it like a digital postal service.

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Hyperrational's Envoy

first released February 10, 2021

A desktop 3D model visualiser and organiser, for Windows, Mac and Linux. Instead of spending time pawing through Explorer windows, we thought wouldn’t it be lovely to look at models visually?

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Big Crocodile's Hat builder

first released October 6, 2020

When Pamela from Big Croc first asked about making it possible for her customers to configure their own hat visually on her Shopify store, we were a bit surprised this wasn’t a thing that already existed.

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