a digital asset delivery tool presented by Hyper Rational Technologies.

Easily update collections

As a creator you can use a client, just like Dropbox or Sync, to easily upload and update a folder of STL files and know that your subscribers will receive the collection just as you intended.

Integrated with Patreon

As a creator, keep in contact with your subscribers automatically, adding new ones as they sign up to your Patreon campaign. No more futzing with managing passwords and links, just upload your files and let us handle the rest.

Never miss a monthly drop

As a supporter, once you’re attached to a collection, you’ll always be attached to the collection! So changes after the fact will follow you, no matter how far past the monthly drop.

Prototype Screenshots

We believe in open development and giving people an opportunity to engage with us as early as we can. Here’s where we’re at.

Envoy running in the system tray

Collections available for dowload by a supporter

Creating a new collection for distribution

Uploaded collection detail for adding entitlements

About Us

Hyper Rational Technologies are Steve and Piete, who between them have over three decades of software development experience in both Product and Technology. They’ve worked in diverse domains including publishing, wind energy, recruitment and web filtering, and with varied solutions from embedded systems to web and mobile, as well as local client software. The common thread between all of these experiences has been the importance of the customer: great software is worthless if no-one uses it.

Now, Steve and Piete are looking at both existing and emerging industries with a critical eye, asking: “how can we make life easier for people doing great work?”

If you’d like to get in touch to talk about your project or ours, feel free to email us!