About us



Our mission is to look at both existing and emerging industries with a critical eye, asking: “how can we make life easier for people doing great work?”

Our background

We are Piete and Steve and we have over three decades of software development experience in both Product and Technology. We’ve worked in diverse domains including publishing, wind energy, recruitment and web filtering, and with varied solutions from embedded systems to web and mobile, as well as local client software. The common thread between all of these experiences has been the importance of the customer: great software is worthless if no-one uses it.

Our values

The Customer

  • Customer is key - early customer involvement is key to making products that people actually enjoy using, not just tolerate.
  • Opinions are good - making tools that try to be everything to everyone results in bad experiences.
  • Open and honest - keeping people informed and managing expectations appropriately is always the right thing to do.

Our Organisation

  • Inspect and adapt - everything is modifiable - strategies, processes, directions - but only when it’s needed.
  • Active decisions only - if in doubt, try it, but understand the cost and risk of the experiment. And always inspect and adapt after!
  • Write it down - keep information documented and organised, to remember why decisions were made, not just what the outcome of those decisions was.