Plastic Alchemy's Totem

First released November 1, 2021

Totem screenshot

The question that Josh of Plastic Alchemy posed was “how do we take a high number of 3D model variations, and automatically create a printable asset from them?”

The types of models under discussion were collectables (think Funko Pop), and a few potential clients were interested in how they could get 100+ unique items at a reasonable price.

We ran some experiments and did some research to better understanding the various 3D file formats and discovered some interesting properties that we could put to use. We worked with Josh to create and refine a process for constructing the models, and discovered we could actually remove the “support” step, producing unique models that were print-ready, including supports.

We took the best parts of a process that Josh already understood intimately and added a sprinkling of automation to create something that enabled him to go back to potential clients with a compelling estimate.

Look out for Unique @ Scale collectibles hitting your Instagram feed very soon!