Atlas 3DSS' Coins + More Store

First released October 21, 2021

Coins + More Store screenshot

We released the Kickstarter Digital Fulfilment Store for Atlas in August, and although it had a couple of niggles, it stood up really well. It wasn’t going to cut it for a permanent solution.

We needed:

As we’d already discovered, most e-commerce platforms are designed to operate with real money, so have two ways of making choices:

So when you need some products to be money-only purchases, and others to be token-only, you have some custom work to do.

Starting early September, we headed down the road of custom development, but one of our good friends suggested a Wordpress-based solution using a loyalty reward plugin. Armed with a little knowledge, we quickly spun up a prototype for evaluation. Huge success. Not only was it significantly cheaper for Atlas than the custom work we’d started, it was also much faster to market.

Over the next week, we stabilised the prototype which allowed Atlas to engage many more of their people to develop the design, add content, build product pages and generally making it look much more like a storefront than the original coin store.

Back at Hyperrational HQ our biggest challenge was ensuring that all the choices people had already made were migrated over. We built a little migration tooling and moved nearly 1700 people over the span of a few days.

We worked with Atlas to update DNS and ensure they had all the tools they needed to be able to control the migration of various other parts of their business.

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