Hyperrational Happenings

A more visible development process

January 11, 2022

With a lot of nervous energy we launched Envoy to the world in February/March 2021 anad we’ve done a bunch of stuff since then, including building a second product, working with Atlas and starting new ventures with Plastic Alchemy. As you’ve probably noticed, Hyperrational isn’t the loudest company, or the loudest channel. We tend to try and keep our heads down and just do good work. We hope you appreciate this, but also realise that this behaviour can lead to a lot of question marks about the the project state.

Survey results

September 8, 2021

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey. Understanding how more people feel about Envoy than just us is absolutely critical to improvement, and without your time we’d probably be working on the wrong thing right now which would absolutely suck for everyone involved! With that, here’s where we’re at. Survey analysis THe survey went out to existing Envoy users (via the release notes and the Discord channel) as well as using Atlas’ advertisements channel.

Q4 Update

August 29, 2021

As we start moving into Q4 of 2021, we wanted to give a bit of a state of the Hyperrational nation. Hyperrational unofficially began when nearly a year ago today Piete decided to try and build some software to help with the Patreon file distribution situation. He tried out a lot of things in numerous technology stacks (including Python and Ruby!), even built a custom Bittorrent client, but by December 2020 the prototype was a nice tech demo but it didn’t feel like a product.